Information about the management and the values of NGB


Evita Janse


Jorden Josephina


Charles Hayes


Shairon Nieuw

Technical Commission and Match Secretary


Basketball is emotion and passion. Basketball leads to friendship and respect; and first and foremost: basketball is fun to play and fun to watch! The NBB; together with the Ministry of Health, Well-Being and Sports; Sporting association NOC*NSF and the other sporting organisations; thinks that sports should be able to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Together with the clubs the NBB aims for a sporting climate where every individual feels good and safe, and where they can be themselves. This ambition is told and applied in the programme “Towards a safer sporting climate” (VSK). The aim of this is to stimulate positive behaviour, and to tackle negative behaviour in and around the sport. The programme gives our club the support and tools to go from a good to a great club.

NIEUW Generation, just like the NBB, has a few values at its core: Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Acceptance and Respect (STAR). We happily add one more important value onto this: Fun! All these values will be the guidelines to which we continue to form a fun and sociable club. More information on the VSK Project can be read on the NBB website.

What does STAR mean to NIEUW Generation Basketball?


• Be aware of each other
• Encourage fellow players
• Talk to each other about negative behavious
• Thank players, referees, jury and spectators after a match


• Only encourage in a positive way
• Take responsibility for your own actions
• Treat others the way you want to be treated
• Show appreciation for the work of players and volunteers
• Referees are volunteers too


• The club belongs to everyone
• Together we create a positive environment
• Always honour your commitments
• You do not play basketball alone
• Out together, Home together


• Everybody is welcome
• Everybody gets an equal chance
• Not everyone can be the best
• Making mistakes is part of the process
• Accept decisions of supports, and referees


• Spectators: Kids are playing for their enjoyment
• Fun and achievement can go hand in hand
• Everybody deserves attention
• Give compliments instead of criticism, also to players and referees