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NIEUW Generation was founded by Shairon Nieuw. After years of experience, he started the organisation in 2013, with the aim to stimulate and motivate the “New Generation” through sports. Sport has always been a major influence on his development and shaping. Amongst many other things, sport has taught and built discipline, networks, confidence and a healthy lifestyle for him. Now, Shairon wants to share these competencies with the next generation, to inspire them to live and head into life in a healthy and strong way, for which sports are a beautiful and powerful medium.

What truly makes sports so special is that it knows no barriers. It is made by and for all.

NIEUW Generation provides several sports such as basketball, football, athletics, rugby, multi-sport and much more


We provide after-school sports activities and workshops at schools and other instances. We are also deployable during talent-camps and we organise events/tournaments.

Along with this we provide referees and game-companions, which you can employ for your events/matches.


Through the years NIEUW Generation has participated on many fun projects, together with great clients. Through this we have built up a strong portfolio. Projects such as AJB (Alleen Jij Bepaalt) of the Ministry of Justice which was executed at several schools in The Hague and Schiedam, such as the Einder and the Stanislas College. We also have organised the City Streetball tour 070 of the The Hague Municipality, the Krajicek basketball-tour on behalf of the Richard Krajicek Foundation in the The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht municipalities. Furthermore we have built up an NGB 3X3 community, which participate in multiple 3X3 events both nationally and internationally. Additionally we have also worked on the ISST (International Schools Sports Tournament) for The International School of The Hague.

Alongside the projects of multiple clients, NIEUW Generation has also set up its own projects, such as after-school activities during, amongst others, talent-camps. These were mainly basketball trainings at the Hofstad Lyceum, the Segbroek College, HML, the Maris College and the primary school de Springbok. At international schools ISH and ESH, NIEUW Generation has done football, futsal, basketball, athletics, rugby and multisport trainings.


Yolanda Kraning

Mother of Bas

The NIEUW Generation coaching sessions gave my son tremendous confidence and happiness, he had a great deal of fun!

Mohammed Alaoui

Father of Layla

All the NIEUW Generation events that my daughter has been to were well organised and always focussed on the most important things: the happiness and the pushing of the kids in a positive way

Charlotte de Boer

Mother of Sophie

My daughter got far stronger both on and off the court in a small amount of time. Her shot and skills have improved tremendously. She is being coached well on both her physical and mental attitudes.


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